Top of range cemetery excavator.

Maximal performance in minimum time!

Together with site-operators, HUMER-Engineers have developed this small digger for grave excavation. The result is our Handy Mobil.

Some special features:

  • 70 cm drive width
  • Real one man operation, also during assembly and disassembly
  • Slope equalizers on both sides
  • Hydraulic crawlers, telescopic up to 90 cm
  • Hydraulic control of the supports
  • 100 litre shovel volume

During transport the driver does not sit on the device, but controls the same by using two control-sticks on the rear.

Two gears enable a choice of speed from 0 to walking speed.

The construction on rubber crawlers gives optimum climbing and turning features.

Handy Mobil can be turned on its own axis.

Demo Video

Well-devised comfort

User-friendliness was our main consideration during construction. Handy Mobil offers a high degree of seat comfort and overview of the complete grave area. The supports are controlled hydraulically and can be turned and lowered steplessly.

Handy Mobil takes care of problem-free and rapid operation.

With its extremely low drive width of 70 cm you can carry on where others have to stop! With Handy Mobil you stay on track. Safely and comfortably.

Safety through slope-equalizers!

In the case of eventual obstacles and ground height-deviations, the slope equalizers react extremely flexibly. Steplessly hydraulic and on both sides.

This also guarantees a safe entry in sloped graveyard paths.

Technical Data

Length: 3.500 mm;
Width: 700 mm;
Height: 2.150 mm
(without weather protective roof);
Weight: 1.950 kg

3-Cylinder Diesel, water-cooled;
14 kW

Oil-Volume: 50 Liter
(Water endangering class 0);
hydraulically controlled Eurosystem;
integrated connector for hydraulic-hammer

Depth: 4.000 mm;
Reach: 3.900 mm;
Height 2.700 mm;
Operation Area 360°;
Arm-radius: 45° on both sides

Volume: 100 Litres;
Dimensions: 800/600 mm;
Rotation: 360° endless