The flexible cemetery excavator in new design.


The Handy Design was decorated for design within the State Prize Competition.

The uniform decision of a well-known jury:

The machine shows a well-considered reduction to the essentials for a useful working tool that can be transported and operated by one person alone.

In short: Excellent design and extraordinary.

Demo Video

In this video you can see a grave excavation using the Humer Handy design. It lasts about 11:30 minutes and shows the individual steps of grave excavation.

Easy to operate

True to word!

Due to its construction the Handy Design can be easily operated by one person.

The Handy Design requires a low degree of space for setting up and can be easily transported on a car trailer.

It can be dissembled into three parts: Excavator, frame and hydraulic unit.

Fulfilment of all requirements

For the larger and smaller grave-yard:

Handy Design – the flexible digger with a drive width of only 30 cm (!) is the practical replacement for tiring, manual grave excavation. The device can be set up in the most confined spaces and even stairs, terraced ground conditions and narrow entries are no longer a problem.

An investment, that makes itself pay! Because you save a great deal of time and energy.

Technical Data

Arm-length: 3,5 m

Operational depth: bis 2,5 m

Shovel width: 40 cm

Reach: 180 °

Hydr. Side-slide: 90 cm

Conrolled by two joysticks

Electric engine with 3 kW
or petrol engine with 6,7 kW

Excavator weight: 300 kg
Total weight: 500 kg

Accessories: Basic Frame

Galvanised, with hydraulic slideable arm suspension (picture shows transport condition).

Accessories: Hydraulik Aggregate

Our transportable Petrol Hydraulic aggregate in enclosed construction style (also available with electric engine).