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Stable and practical!

The HANDY BOX impresses by its practical form and can be easily set up by on person in a short time. The fully galvanised frame and the aluminium walls guarantee the best possible protection against corrosion and long-life, safety locks give an optimum hold of the walls.

Handy and light weight!

Steplessly adjustable crank supports allow re-adjustment under loaded conditions. By use of the narrow transport cart the entry to the site is no problem. The light weight construction form and the few construction parts allow an easy set up and handling. The conically constructed loading surface makes the filling operation easier.

Demo Video

In diesem Video sehen Sie einen Auf- und Abbau des Erdcontainers Humer Handy Box. Es dauert ca. 12:00 Minuten.

Well Considered

The frame, which can be taken fully apart, and the divided, galvanised tipping frame are the valuable and clever solution for every grave-yard.

Firm Stand

Steplessly adjustable supports, variable in height, even when loaded, or bolt pin-supports, adjustable by bolt stoppers.

Clean Work!

Due to the adjustable over-ground construction the neighbouring grave remains undamaged. There is no unnecessary clean-up after the funeral.


Two transport systems are available for easy transport:
two 1-axle carriages or one 2-axle carriage

Furthermore we offer a battery operated transport device, which makes work easier. This battery operated transport device can also be used for transporting other tools, i.e. grave-yard digger Handy Design.

Technical Data

Length: 2.170 mm

Width: 1.800 mm

Height: 1.200 mm

Weight: 500 kg

Carrying capacity: 10 tons

Loading capacity: 4,05 m³ (can be extended by side-walls up to 4,78 m³)

Lifting-Hydraulics: 4-step-cylinder HUB 1600

Controls: with hand-pump or hydraulic aggregate