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Wheeled excavator, easy to manoeuvre and powerful

Due to its compromise free and compact construction, the HUMER Handy Micro ist the ideal small excavator for confined grave yards.

A few spezial features:

- Telescope main arm
- Drive width 55 cm
- Wheeled drive for soil protection
- 36 litre shovel volume
- Hydraulic control of the supports
- Area of operation 360 °
- Telescopable drive construction up to 70 cm
- Hydraulic drive, 0 to 5 km/h, stepless

It is hard to believe: This compact device turns into a full cemetery excavator! The driver does not sit on the device during transport – he controls the device with an integrated steering control-stick, built into the control unit. Speed is therefore variable from 0 to walking speed.

Demo Video

Optimal construction: From consulting room to practical operation!

The hydraulic drive and the hydraulic controls of the supports guarantee real one man operation.

The Handy Micro is by standard fitted with a Kubota petrol engine; can however, be fitted with an electrical drive if required.

The Handy Micro has a lot to offer!

- a high degree of performance in spite of compact construction
- comfortable sitting position under a weather protective roof
- easy to manoeuvre dolly
- simple control system built into the control stick
- telescopic dolly for improved stability during transport
- permanent all-wheel drive

Technical Data

Length: 2.650 mm;
Width: 550 mm;
Height: 2.050 mm (without weather protective roof)
Weight: 1.110 kg

petrol engine;
air cooled;
Performance 6,7 kW

Oil volume: 22 Litres;
hydraulically controlled Eurosystem

Depth: 2.500 mm;
Reach: 3.800 mm;
Height: 2.700 mm;
Arm radius: 360°
Hydraulic side shift: 90cm

Volume: 36 Litres;
Shovel width: 400 mm 


More pictures you see in the HUMER Handy Micro Gallery.